Interview with Lynn

1.    Tell me about your daily life.

My daily life consists of running a business, working out, teaching, cleaning the studio, stressing about everything about the business.


2.    What do you usually wear everyday (day and night)

I wear yoga pants, tanks and sweatshirts…very glamorousugh


3.    When it comes to dressing yourself, what is your biggest challenge?

Finding clothes in style that fit right or look age appropriate.


4.    Now, be honest and not too critical. What part of your body do you like? What part would you like to emphasis and what part would you like to hide.

I like my upper body best. Arms, shoulder area. Try to hide my stomach that grew. I always like to wear heels to appear taller and thinner.


5.    What is a fashion risk that you would like to take but just don’t feel confident enough to do it.

I love the look of skinny jeans with heels and jackets but because I gained weight I feel the jeans look terrible and shirt looks too small for my stomach. I never wear dresses….unless it’s a formal evening….



6.    How different do you feel wearing the outfit that I picked for you?

I loved it! Never would have picked it out on my own. I loved the color choices, I felt comfortable, classy and like a lady! Thank you Raffaella.



Due to the privacy policy of Raffaella Moda, I do not release personal information or photo of my clients, unless requested by them.