The Role of a Personal Stylist

The Role of a Personal Stylist

By Erica Rakowicz Photo by Lia Adelfi

Going through life trying to emulate Superwoman is difficult, but it’s even harder when you’re supposed to look fashionable while taking on the universe simultaneously. Fortunately, while you’re holding the world in the palm of your hand, a personal stylist can help you look the part.

Meet Raffaella Medoro-Naurato, an Italian native with a discerning eye for fashion. Running her styling business under the name “Raffaella Moda”, the personal fashion consultant quickly learned the artful meaning of beauty while growing up strolling the streets of Italy. The statues, music and architecture taught her the importance of proportion and balance, she says.

Medoro-Naurato earned a piano performance degree in Italy and still occasionally plays. She teaches Italian at Wayne State University and soon will teach a History of Costume course that will delve into the psychology of dress. She completed a personal styling course online through the American College of Professional Design and received certification for her fashion consultant business.

Medoro-Naurato says she’s always been taken by fashion and its true psychology, adding that she remembers being pregnant and walking around work in heels because it made her feel more confident. The metro Detroit resident says she believes that extra boost of self esteem can make any day brighter.

After she realized how much she enjoys dressing others, she decided to turn her passion into a service that teaches clients how to look and feel their best. Here, Medoro-Naurato addresses the role of a personal fashion consultant and why you deserve a stylist as much as any A-list celebrity does.

Not Only for Celebrities Many people associate all personal stylists or fashion consultants with what they see on television: bank-breaking services run by pushy people. The dramatics are for TV’s sake, of course, Medoro-Naurato says, but she likes to think of her profession as more of a teaching and learning experience.

“People try to imitate celebrities, when really they should try to establish their own personal brand,” she says. Good stylists don’t just create ensembles and close the door for the day; they probe your past and address your insecurities. Many women who are self-conscious about their weight or unconfident in their appearance may be weary to hand their basket of worries to a stranger.

Medoro-Naurato says she understands the reluctant feelings but assures that quality stylists and consultants don’t judge a client; they get to know the person and plan an updated look from the new relationship. Stylists see to the everyday struggles of a woman and help each one patent a personal and confident style.

Extra Benefits Medoro-Naurato first looks through what you already have and forms revamped outfits in your closet. She says impulse and trend buying gets a lot of people in trouble because they’ll spend quick money on a collection of garments and accessories they might never touch again. The items Medoro-Naurato purchases for and with clients are quality pieces – durable and practical, such as blouses, pants, dresses and shoes.

“I like to act as a fashion financial adviser,” she says. “The styling process is ultimately an investment.”

What Dress Code?

“We seem to be losing the dress code; everything is melting together,” Medoro-Naurato says. She says wearing an occasion appropriate and wellput together ensemble shows respect for both you and whoever will see you. This does not mean wearing all black. Medoro-Naurato says black is a safe color for so many people. She suggests branching out of your comfort zone and trying a pop of color, starting with an accessory.

Medoro-Naurato says first impressions are almost never forgotten, so looking your best and feeling incredible will help exude the right formula of confidence.

Avoid Trend Overload

Medoro-Naurato says there’s a reoccurring theme in fashion: balance. She advises not to go so heavy on the trendy pieces. Find a way to work them into your wardrobe without letting them take over. She suggests wearing items that you truly like.

Classic items will stand the test of time and always can be revamped. Once trends are out, those pieces will look out of place in your closet.

“La Bella Figura”

La bella figura literally means “beautiful figure” but it’s more than elegant Italian words. It’s a way to approach life through respect, image, beauty and behavior. Medoro-Naurato says she likes to drizzle this idea over her expertise. Why not look as beautiful as you are?

“Reinvent who you are; discover who you are,” Medoro-Naurato says.

Raffaella Medoro-Naurato of Raffaella Moda,
personal fashion consultant: styling for men and women

Northville, Michigan 2013



Styleline Magazine | August 2012