Blue, I love you!

What’s the most popular color of the holidays?

Most of you would probably say RED!

I have noticed that many women, who usually wear black and white all year around, are deciding to stretch their box and add a splash of red during the last two weeks of December.

Not me!  Maybe it’s because I don’t like to follow the trends, or maybe it’s because I like to discover new frontiers, but this season I’m wearing a lot of BLUE for the holidays.

Blue is one of my favorite colors and, for some reason, I feel great when I wear it… especially the darker shades.

In psychology, blue is the color of trust and peace, the color of tranquility and loyalty.  Why not add some of these things to your life via your wardrobe?

Mykonos Blue is one of the colors of Fall / Winter 2013 – 2014

Here are some ideas for holiday outfits:

A fun flared skirt with a simple top (or a silky blouse)

-a blue motorcycle leather jacket

-a blue velvet blazer

-a skirt with blue details

You can wear it with off white, burgundy, green, black and metallic, but you need to pick the right shades of those colors!

If this is too much, look for accessories: shoes, handbag, necklaces, etc.

Have fun with colors…life is too short to wear only black 🙂