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Alison Ristovski

I called Raffaela because I needed direction on how to put outfits together.  I really admire the well accessorized and “put together” look that I see on women my age, but I was stuck in a sweater and jeans rut.  I knew that I had many clothing choices in my closet, but I just didn’t know how to pair them to affect that classy look.

Raffaela spent over 2 hours with me, getting to know my personality and style, going through my closet, and putting together 27 outfits that I never knew I had!  She also suggested a few more items that I needed to purchase in order to round out my collection.  She is extremely personable and has a great eye for design, form and color.  I really enjoyed the time she spent helping me!

-Alison Ristovski
West Bloomfield, MI

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