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Colleen Rhodes

I kept delaying buying new clothes for years because I was working on losing weight. Finally, I realized I was in a rut and out of touch with what looked good on me and what were the latest fashions. I felt overwhelmed at the idea of trying to update my wardrobe alone and had little time to go shopping by trial and error.

The service Raffaella provided is exactly what I needed. She came to my closet and recommended which clothes should stay and which should go. She took pictures of the outfits she put together using my existing wardrobe and then made a list of other pieces I should add. A few days later, we met at the store where she had shopped ahead of time and all kinds of dresses, slacks, skirts, blouses, sweaters, shoes, and belts were ready and waiting in the dressing room for me to try on. If something didn’t fit or look good, I didn’t have to get redressed to leave the dressing room to find something else. This was very valuable to me as not only did I get a fabulous new wardrobe that I love and everyone is raving about; but it saved precious time and, for me, frustration that I usually experience on my own.
I feel great, too!

Thanks Raffaella!
-Colleen Rhodes

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