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Life is crazy and unpredictable. We think that we can plan every second of it, but sooner or later we face the fact that life goes on following its own direction. Often we get caught up in stressful situations and we forget how beautiful life is.

There are only certain things that I know I can rely on: family and friend are two of those.

I’m so fortunate to have a really great and supportive family and a group of friends (which I met 13 years ago when I came to the States) that I know are always there for me, that stick beside me through the good and bad days.

Periodically we have our gourmet dinner night. The theme of our last gourmet dinner was “wine”J …do I need to say more?!?!?!

Also, we decided to celebrate life and love, and for that reason we wore something unique that made us feel even more special.

I choose a grey dress (I’m loving every shade of gray at this moment of my life!) that made me feel special. Patterned thighs and grey booties (I can’t think of a fancy evening without my stiletto heels!)

Every dish had to have wine as an ingredient. Here is the brilliant menu that we put together:

  • Mortadella balsamica
  • Pinot Noir Wine Salame and Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Salame
  • Vajont Ubriaco with Rhubarb and Muscat wine compote
  • Taleggio Lombardo with wine Jelly
  • Portobello mushroom with marsala reduction, dry tomatoes and goat cheese.
  • Gratin of scallops a la Julie Childs with white wine reduction
  • Satay chicken italiano
  • Spaghetti al Montepulciano e Pecorino Toscano
  • Red wibe chocolate cake and whipped cream and raspberries and a garish of ‘Fica c’a cicculata’ (wine chocolate ganache, pistachios and sea salt)

Please, never forget to enjoy every second of your life and appreciate what you have more than focusing on what you don’t have.

Ciao for now,


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