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What I do is…

Meet with the client …

-Client Questionnaire

-Clarify client’s target

-Colors (skin tone, hair, eyes color)

-Assess and organize wardrobe

-Make a list of basic wardrobe necessities

-Separate good clothes from old and unflattering pieces

-Create new outfits with the existing garments

-Take pictures of new outfits


-Make a list of basic pieces that are necessities in order to create a “perfect” wardrobe

-Propose ideas in order to improve your look

-Shop on the client’s budget

Benefits …

-Don’t waste money

-Purchase garments that work with client’s body type, lifestyle, age…

-Add more clothes that can work with existing pieces in client’s wardrobe

-Learn how to accessorize

-Make your outfit unique

-Gain self confidence

-Save time and money

-Find a special outfit for a special occasion

-Help client to purchase a gifts

-Gain self esteem

-Be ready for a job interview

-Be ready for a first date

Extras …
-Home party
-Fashion show

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