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Wine tasting… here I come!

I must be insane. I just decided to post my picture next to one of the most gorgeous women alive (of course, this is my modest opinion!).

Monica Bellucci is an icon in the Italian cinema panorama.  I especially appreciate her for the simple choices that she makes when it comes to fashion (most of the time). She is one of the major inspirations for Dolce & Gabbana, and she has a killer body that is NOT anorexic!

For tonights Wine Tasting at the new Cantoro Market, I decided to wear something dark (I love red wine and needed something spill-proof ).

I’m currently in the mode of wearing some menswear-inspired looks. That’s why I remembered Monica.  She wears a lot of pantsuits.  A pantsuit can be a great solution as an office attire, or could be a classic, sexy option for the evening when you wear it with a lace corset under the jacket.

A pair of killer shoes also helped to accomplish my mission for the night: classy, trendy, and a little bit sassy!

I would love to hear from you…what is it your favorite look for a night out?


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